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Charlie + Ernie + Lisa In The Morning!

Charlie Papillo ...fulfilled his dream of breaking into radio full time in 1998 at NewsTalk 620 WVMT and began hosting Burlington and Plattsburghs # 1 morning talk show two years later. Charlie digs into the important issues of the community, state and country with expert guests and a great sense of fun and humor. His family has ties to the area that go back decades and Charlie brings a wide range of life experiences to every topic on the air.

Ernie Farrar is the dean of Vermont broadcasting and been on the air at NewsTalk 620 WVMT for 46 of his 67 years in broadcasting. He is a Vermont native and has informed generations of Vermonters with news and information around the clock. Early settlers stepping off birch bark canoes were informed by Ernie of school closings in the county. His experience brings an unparalleled depth to news coverage statewide. Ernie is originally from the Northeast Kingdom area of Vermont and has lived in St. Albans throughout his radio career.

Lisa Nagle, one of the original members of the Supremes, (she was asked to leave right before the first Ed Sullivan Show appearances because her dresses were always nicer than the other girls, plus, she was just a little too tall) joins the Charlie and Ernie show in the fall of 2008. She leaves her home very early in the morning, but her family was told she has a paper route.


Call in to the show! 655-0303 or 888-414-0303 or #62 on your AT&T phone

Fax#802 655-1329


Box 620

Colchester, VT 05446

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